Member Profile – Michelle Rodger, BfS Glasgow Group Leader

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pic3“I believe we have the passion, the compassion, the intelligence, the entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to make Scotland a vibrant independent country. History tells a fantastic story of how much Scotland has gifted the world by way of innovation, entrepreneurship and philanthropy. We have so much more to offer, and taking control of our own destiny is simply the first step.”

Michelle is a former national newspaper journalist turned entrepreneur, and founder and ‘Top Cat’ at Tartan Cat Communications – specialising in communications and crowdfunding.

At Tartan Cat, Michelle develops and delivers social media and communication strategies and campaigns for a variety of companies from the corporate and financial sector through to new business start-ups. She co-founded an award winning IT company in the 90s and since 2000 her key skills in strategic communications and social media have seen her advises some of the country’s most dynamic entrepreneurial organisations.

Michelle was also Chief Communications Officer and a member of the team that launched Bloom VC (Venture Catalyst), Scotland’s first crowdfunding platform. She now brings her communications and crowdfunding experience together to consult with The Social Foundation and The Crowdfunding Centre and also manages PR, communications strategy and crowdfund marketing for a number of UK and Europe-based crowdfunding platforms.

She has strong family connections to the nationalist cause and is currently writing a book about the so-called ‘Conspiracy Trial’ of the early 1950s, in which her uncle featured heavily (slow progress on the writing, but it’s coming together).

If you want to know more about Business for Scotland, or are interested in joining the Glasgow Group, please contact Michelle here

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