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3830213“I firmly believe that Scotland has the brand, the people, the ongoing resources and revenue to make its own way in the world.”

As founder of the largest property preservation company of its type in Scotland – and the most profitable in the UK – Les takes a business perspective on independence – he views it as an MBO (management buyout) from the UK.

But Les also sees the need for a strong strategic partnership with our neighbours.

His business experience – first as a quantity surveyor then preservation surveyor before setting up Wise Property Care at the age of 43 – also means he understands the importance of Scotland as a “brand” and having the resources and revenues essential for a successful Scotland.

Les, who is a director of the Entrepreneurial Exchange and Chairman of the Property Care Association, as well as a Director of Business for Scotland says: “I see it as an MBO from parent UK and that, while wishing to go our own way, it would make sense to retain a strategic relationship with our neighbours for the benefit of both. Life is a compromise and so I am sure, when the independence negotiations begin, both sides will look to do a deal for mutual benefit.

“We just have to ensure as best we can that we get the best deals where and when we can for our future generations.”

“Business for Scotland is, I believe, a great vehicle to succinctly and honestly provide clarity and focus to the debate.”

Les also mentors small businesses and secondary school pupils on entrepreneurship and how to succeed in business.

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  1. Hi Les,
    I had lunch with you at Gleneagles at the conference. I am so pleased to have met you and have been spreading the word about your excellent website.
    You have inspired me! Thank you. Kind regards Rosemary
    Here is a response from my brother who lives in London:

    Thanks Rosy
    I have to say I think an independent Scotland would be better for Britain, Europe and the world. It would send a tremendous shock through the global political system – could England and Wales justify holding on to a veto in the UN Security Council? Could it go charging off to fight far-away wars?

    How long will the world hold on to the outdated, dishonest and dangerous illusion of national sovereignty?

    The truth is we live in an interdependent world and we need a new concept of what it means to be an independent nation – one that governs its own internal affairs and is connected with a wider community of nations through a framework of international law and mutual obligations, defined by treaty and universal principles such as the Declaration of Human Rights.

    This could be called “sovereignty plus” or “national interdependence” or “connected self-government”

    The budget suggests that the Tories are quite relaxed about Scotland leaving – as far as I could see Osborne put a lot more money into projects round London and the South East than into Scotland.

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