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“All the data shows clearly that financially Scotland contributes significantly more to the UK than it takes out.”

International businessman Ivan has worked in manufacturing for 30 years, mostly for large corporate organisations, until 8 years ago when he launched his own manufacturing consultancy and turnaround company.

His work has taken him across the globe, including periods working in Scandinavia and Eastern Europe, and he currently has manufacturing businesses in Scotland, England and Eastern Europe.

That global experience has shaped his perspective on independence, and has shown him just how dynamic, responsive and successful smaller countries can be, when given the scope to focus on what is important for their economies and businesses.

Ivan believes the UK policy is focused far too heavily on the City of London and often ignores the prospects for manufacturing businesses as a consequence.

“Before I get involved in any new business I always have a good look at all the numbers in detail,” says Ivan. “Making a decision about whether Scotland would be better off outside of UK plc is no different.  All the data shows clearly that financially Scotland contributes significantly more to the UK than it takes out. Being big isn’t always best: Turnover is Vanity, Profit is Sanity is always a good rule to follow.”

Ivan is a Director of Business for Scotland and sees high growth potential for the Scottish economy in many key sectors.

“Our asset base in natural resources also puts us in a much better position to weather future economic storms than being tied to a UK economy which is too heavily dependent on casino-style financial services.

“After Independence Scotland would continue to enjoy close trading relationships with the rest of the UK, as well as with other countries in Europe. Worries about trade barriers are a smokescreen which prevent us from taking advantage of the significant opportunities and higher global profile that comes with managing our own affairs.”

Read more about Ivan’s journey to Yes here – ‘Unleashing Scotland’s great economic potential

Watch a video of Ivan here – ‘Ivan McKee on Aye Talks

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  1. Stephen McCullagh says:

    Hi Ivan – I watched your video, which I actually thought was very good, but I couldn’t help noticing the whole argument seemed to hinge on Scotland’s GDP remaining the same as at present. To what extent can we be certain about this when some businesses may decide to abandon Scotland, and uncertainty over a currency union and EU membership remains to at least some degree?

  2. malcolm says:

    Hi Ivan, Just watched your and Michelle’s excellent “Economic Case For Scottish Independence” recently posted on You Tube. Someone in the audience asked a question about interest on Scotland’s national debt. Obviously,we can’t know for sure what it will be but what’s your best guess? Checked this morning and UK 10 yr bonds(guilts) were paying 2.91% which of the 20 countries listed was well into the top half. The highest being Greece of course at 8.87%.Ireland is at 3.53%. Could Scotland expect a similar figure? Also,as I understand it,about 65% of UK debt is domestic ie from UK tax payers – pension funds etc. Would Scotland have similar percentage of it’s debt from these sources. I’m no economist so forgive me if I’ve completely misunderstood how these things work but question on the You Tube film intrigued me.

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