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“I see our win in 2014 as a means to an end for building a better more prosperous and successful Scotland and also a better relationship with our English, Welsh and Northern Irish neighbours.”

Gordon is the Chief Executive of Business for Scotland and comes from a background of specialist sales, marketing and social media expertise and so brings the skills and experience of working with major corporate brands to persuading people to vote YES in 2014.  Gordon has worked for major blue chip companies in sales and marketing roles such as P&G and Northern Foods PLC. He is the founder and driving force behind Business for Scotland.

In March 2013 he launched the Business for Scotland network with six pro-independence business owners, and the group attracted 250 members pre-launch (March 2013) just through word of mouth and now has over 1,500 members.

“It was important to us that Business for Scotland wasn’t just another business network,” says Gordon “And so we decided that it should be a member owned co-operative owned by, and working for, its members.” We also produce original business policy and economic research through our Think Tank activities.

The website takes the form of an online magazine and covers business, economics and independence in a way that the Business for Scotland team hopes engages, informs, educates and persuades the Scottish business community of the benefits of voting Yes in 2014.

“I have consulted in Dubai and America, across the EU and lived as much of my life outside Scotland as within, so I believe I have an international outlook on life, and believe Scotland should have too,” he says.

Ayrshire born but brought up in England, Gordon came back to Scotland to study Business and Economics in Edinburgh and as he became aware of the true economics of Scotland was amazed at the mis-information presented as fact – indeed, he became a student convert to independence.

“I see our win in 2014 as the end date of my 22 year personal campaign for independence as a means to an end for building a better more prosperous and successful Scotland and also a better relationship with our English, Welsh and Northern Irish neighbours.”

After starting his own internet related business (an early version of LinkedIn with a physical networking side, First Tuesday Scotland) and running a few turnaround projects he became an associate director of a major recruitment firm and sat on the board of Glasgow Chamber of Commerce, but decided he liked working for himself too much – till now.

“I am honoured to be the founder and facilitator of Business for Scotland movement and, with your help, win over the business community to voting Yes in 2014.”

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  1. Hugh Noble says:

    I am not an economist or a business man – just a retired academic computer scientist. However, I agree with the arguement presented. I feel nevertheless that the point about the debt not being incurred by Scotland could also be claimed by anyone in the UK who lives outside the charmed London bubble. I do have some qualms about leaving my English friends to sink slowly with what is left of the UK, but also feel now that the best thing we can do for them in a practical way is to deliver a well-aimed kick up the backside – otherwise we will sink with them.

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