Our Goal

69 business people attended the Glasgow Launch event of Business for Scotland.

Standing room only – 69 business people attended the Glasgow Launch event of Business for Scotland.

Founded by six Scottish SME business owners and directors Business for Scotland is an independent and political party neutral business and economic policy think tank and network.  We generated over 250 members just by word of mouth prior to the launch of the network in March 2013 (now over 3,000).

Our goal is to improve the performance, ambition and confidence of the Scottish business community.  Business for Scotland is a member owned co-operative and so every member gets a vote at our annual general meeting and can stand for election to the board. Stakeholder members get a say in our activities and in how we invest profits.

As well as offering all the benefits of a successful and fast growing business network, one of our key projects is to ensure that the Scottish SME business community has access to the economic facts and educated opinions that are required in order to allow them to make educated and informed decisions in the lead up to the 2014 Referendum on Independence.

We also believe that when people take the time to investigate the economic facts it becomes clear that Scotland’s economy, our business community and our nation as a whole will be better off as an independent country.  Within its first few months this site became the pre-eminent business and economic policy blog in the country with over 500,000 visitors.   We also believe that a Yes vote will act as a catalyst for Scottish people to become more entrepreneurial, confident, successful, ambitious and international in their outlook.

You can join Business for Scotland by signing the Yes Scotland Business Declaration

Our Activities

Online Magazine - You can subscribe to receive our articles, business blogs, news and opinion.

NetworkingEvery month we will hold a range of networking events in various towns and cities throughout Scotland ranging from informal social gatherings to major scenario planning workshops.

Online CommunityWe have launched a LinkedIn group for pro-independence business people and you can find more details and join

Yes Business Ambassadors - We are recruiting and training a group of Yes Scotland Business Ambassadors to help us take the positive case for Scotland becoming an independent nation out to Scotland’s business community.  The course is ideal if you just want to be more confident when talking to friends through to learning to give talks at your local business club. Why not sign up now

Social Media Engagement - Currently you can join our online community on LinkedIn, follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, friend us on Pinterest.