Member Profiles

Our members are business professionals, owners, directors and entrepreneurs from all over Scotland, some have small businesses, some fairly large ones, they also support different political parties and cover a wide range of business sectors.

What unites them?  Their unwavering belief that Scotland, and Scottish business can thrive as a result of voting Yes to become an independent country.

Business for Scotland has attracted well over 3,000 individual members since our launch in March 2013 and we hope you will join us.  Here are a handful of short member and contributor profiles that will give you an idea as to who we are and why we think Scotland should become an independent country.  We have also published a list of 100 employers who are members of Business for Scotland in the Herald and Sunday Herald on the 2nd and 5th of May 2014.   

 Selected Member Profiles

Opinions expressed by guest bloggers and within profiles do not always reflect the beliefs of Business for Scotland nor necessarily the employers of the individuals concerned. Press Enquiries.

pic5 Martin Jack

Martin, better known to friends and colleagues as Jacky, runs an events management company providing logistical support for clients who utilise primarily Business to Business events as part of their marketing and learning strategies.




ricky-nicol-ceo-of-commsworldRicky Nicol

Ricky is CEO and founder of Scotland’s largest indigenous telecoms company, Commsworld. An experienced entrepreneur with in depth skills in leadership, sales, negotiations and team building, Ricky has built the award-winning company from a concept to the largest independently owned telecoms business in the country.  Read More…


pic3Michelle Roger

Michelle is a former national newspaper journalist turned entrepreneur. She co-founded an award winning IT company in the 90s and since 2000 has been Top Cat at Tartan Cat, her communications consultancy.

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Dr. Willie Wilson

A former lecturer and researcher at Glasgow University, Willie is now retired from academia but he still runs a small chain of community pharmacies he founded in 1975.

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Ben Rogers

Ben is an English businessman living and working in Scotland – and backing independence. His view is that independence is “better for the people” rather than basing his opinion on a strong nationalistic ideal.




Les Meikle

As founder of the largest property preservation company of its type in Scotland – and the most profitable in the UK – Les takes a business perspective on independence – he views it as an MBO (management buyout) from the UK.

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sueSusan Robertson

Susan is a writer, editor and partner in a communication consultancy based in Glasgow with clients all over the world. She has over 12 years’ experience working in strategic marketing and communication management roles in retail, tourism, and professional services.

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pic9Gordon MacIntyre-Kemp

Gordon is a business owner with specialist sales, marketing and social media expertise who brings the skills and experience of working with major corporate brands to persuading people to vote YES in 2014.

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IMG00840-20130308-1033Douglas Norris

Douglas leads an Ayrshire based SME employing some 80 people in Scotland and around another 20 at a site in Sweden. The company provides electronics recycling solutions and services to IT and telecoms manufacturers.

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Catherine McLean

Catherine is an independent, professional consultant, based in Edinburgh, but her ancestors – all of them – were crofters and she has always been a supporter of independence. “I think that now is the time for Scotland to make that move,” she says.

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09abdc3Peter Syme

Peter runs a small group of adventure travel and activity companies; three located in Scotland, one in Morocco and one in Spain and he is currently in the middle of purchasing one in Australia.

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