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Ron Dickinson“The referendum affords a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to create a new Scotland, based on shared ideals of fairness and prosperity.¬† Scotland has the resources – human and natural – to be successful and influential as a nation in its own right.”

Ron Dickinson established his Glasgow-based business consultancy¬† in 2011 after 25 years management experience and a passion for excellence applying Lean, Six Sigma, and other tools and methods. His career, mainly in semiconductor manufacturing, included extended periods living and working overseas, in the US and Singapore. While his consulting experience has also been international, with clients in US and Canada, working with their outsourced manufacturing suppliers in US, Singapore, Korea and Taiwan, one of his core motivations is to “give something back” to Scotland.

Ron’s interest in independence for Scotland has developed since the 1980s. His experience living and working abroad has “opened his eyes” to what Scotland could achieve.

“Scotland has a unique national brand and identity of which every Scot can be rightly proud,” says Ron. “We have an exceptional legacy and history, extending far beyond the 300 years of the United Kingdom.

“My experience living in Singapore opened my eyes to what a committed small country with a strong vision of its place in the world can achieve.”¬† Ron explains that Singapore’s population is very close to that of Scotland, but it has almost none of the natural resources that we tend to take for granted.¬† And he’s not talking only about oil – Singapore has to import almost all of its water from Malaysia. It has a total land area which is smaller than Mull and less than 100th that of Scotland.

“A succession of Westminster governments, Conservative, Labour and Coalition have demonstrated beyond any doubt that London-centric policies and decision-making are detrimental to the rest of the country. It has been well documented that increasing inequality and polarisation, initiated during the Thatcher years and exacerbated by every Westminster government since, have a dramatic negative impact on long-term prosperity and growth, not to mention poverty and social issues.

“We in Scotland have a unique opportunity to change this and take control of our own destiny. As Alex Salmond quoted at the SNP conference – If not now, when? If not us, who?”

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