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JoeJoe is a leadership and team coach based in Dundee who works in Scotland and internationally.  Prior to founding the Lifetree Organisational Consultancy in 2002, his first career was in Engineering and Operational Management.

As well as running his own business, Joe teaches leadership to masters students in Dundee University, and in BSL in Lausanne, Switzerland. Joe is a past president of Dundee & Tayside Chamber of Commerce and Industry and was on the Board of Dundee College of Further Education for 12 years. He now serves on the Board of the DCA, and on a number of small charities in Scotland.

“When I founded Lifetree our vision was ‘growing people and organisations’ – we have a passion to re- humanise work. To connect people to their potential as individual human beings but also for the benefit the organisation they were working for.” Joe goes on to say, “Core to this is encouraging responsibility and autonomy, as well as creating appropriate structures that rerelease innovation, creativity and human potential as well as maintaining good governance.”

Joe sees the clear link to independence: “Just as effective organisations seek to ‘let the shackles off’ talent in the organisation, so an independent Scotland will further release the potential of people in the nation.”

Why should we be independent? “First, economics. The reality is that we would be much better off economically – any serious look at the numbers demonstrates that.”   What about the risks? The uncertainties?  “Of course this comes with risk, but on balance there is much more uncertainty and risk with a No vote.  No-one can be certain of the future but we have a great history and, even more importantly, great potential for the future – let’s unleash it.”

“Of much greater importance to me is the possibility of creating a vision for a much more just, fair and truly prosperous nation. A state where my children and grandchildren can flourish and thrive. A nation which cares for the vulnerable and supports entrepreneurial drive.”

“We have a historic opportunity, if we seize the moment in September and vote Yes.”

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Michael is Head of Research with Business for Scotland. A recent graduate from the University of Glasgow, he has carried out a series of interviews with academics, politicians and the public in Denmark, Iceland and Ireland. Michael's on twitter @GrayInGlasgow.

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