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IMG_0412-3Iain has a long and varied experience working in business law across Europe. For the past seven years, Iain has run ‘e-corporate’ which aims to provide legal services for the 21st century. Previously Iain was a partner in Bishop and Robertson Chalmers law firm, which has since become Brodies LLP, as well as Young & Partners, in Glenrothes. His independent law venture gives him control over decision making.

Iain’s practice in legal cases has taken him to a range of locations across Europe and the U.S., including Toulouse, New York, Bavaria, Lithuania, Slovakia, Latvia and Brussels. In the 90s Iain supported Eastern European governments as they created legal frameworks following the end of the Cold War.

These experiences informed his perspective on independence.

Through working on EU accession in Eastern Europe, Iain “saw first hand how those small countries blossomed after independence. I want to see that in Scotland.”

Legal projects in Brussels, which involved the European Commission, presented Iain with further evidence of how medium countries can succeed in Europe and the world.

“I could see for myself the advantages which Irish (and other) colleagues & competitors gained from having a seat at the top table. I want to see that for Scotland.”

“I want to see Scotland being able to take a positive role in the EU (and internationally) and reap the benefits which it will bring.”

Iain is convinced of the economic and business case for independence. Ultimately, however, he considers independence to be a vote of confidence in Scotland’s abilities, potential and future:

“I’m in no doubt that an independent Scotland will thrive. For me it’s not about oil, renewables, whisky or Trident. They play their part, but it’s really about confidence and ambition.”

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